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With Flash comes support for ActionScript 3.0 - the newest, standards-based programming language for Adobe Flash (SWF) movies and applications. More so than in the past, you may find it difficult to get started with ActionScript 3.0 when compared to older versions of ActionScript. The transition to ActionScript 2 from ActionScript 1, for example, can probably be seen as a cakewalk compared to the leap to ActionScript 3.0, especially for someone who is prone to working and coding in the Flash IDE (Integrated Development Environment). The goal of this tutorials is to help acclimate you to working with ActionScript 3.0. It will focus on using ActionScript 3.

This Adobe Flash ActionScript 3 Training video utilizes an easy to follow training format that is both engaging and informative. Created to assist the beginners to intermediate users, the author uses a unique training method that bring a high degree of visual clarity to even the most complex applications. this Adobe Flash ActionScript 3 Training is extremely comprehensive and easy to follow. Video Tutorial taught by Experts - completely free - Easy to Learn.

1. Intro To Action Script-3
2. Action Script 3.0 Fundamentals
3. Advanced Concepts
4. Display List Elements
5. Timeline
6. Classes
7. Pictures & Files
8. Puzzle Game Exercise
9. Text
10. Audio Files
11. Video Files

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